Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Recent translation of my own article


Sing and Dance with the Bournemouth Youth Theatre!
“With an hour to Act, an hour to Sing & an hour to Dance each Saturday, the Bournemouth Youth Theatre is the perfect place for young people to express themselves through the arts.” Ewa Erdmann talks with Michael Tomkins - the owner of the BYT.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Anglicisms: Why Biedronka is a ‘Trusted Brand’ and not ‘Zaufana Marka’.

On my recent trip to Poland I witnessed a not-so-very-surprising linguistic phenomenon of the Polish language being under a strong influence of the English language. It’s nothing new – as far as I remember, English words have always been entering the Polish language, be it technical terms – mostly connected with computing - or slang phrases used by teenagers. What struck me, however, was the scale of the occurrence, and the areas where English words wormed their way into the Polish language. It seems that just as the Eastern-European migrants ‘invaded’ United Kingdom, English terms have done exactly the same with the Polish language.