My aim as a legal and marketing translator is to enable businesses to communicate with their clients, employees and business partners. The companies I work with benefit from an extended pool of clients and as a result - get more business.

How I do it?
By translating their marketing materials, documents, correspondence and by interpreting at face-to-face meetings.

Why I do it?
Because through translation, I make two worlds come together. By creating that link in communication, I make business happen, people profit and jobs be done. One of my long-term clients – an accounting company - contacted me in emergency when they had no one who spoke Polish in their company and their clients did not understand English taxation terminology. They have been with me ever since, entrusting me with running their entire customer service in Polish.

Why I do it well?
I spent years obtaining the right qualifications and experience in the fields I work in. I continuously learn and develop my translation and interpreting skills through numerous courses and CPD. I am doing all this (and more!) to provide you with the best service you can possibly get.
-          academic background in Linguistics (Master of Arts)
-          academic background in Law (Bachelor’s Degree)
-          experienced in running marketing and advertising campaigns for Polish businesses in the UK
-          continuous CPD 

Apart from Translation...

I am passionately involved in local business – founded and running a networking group of Polish entrepreneurs in the UK. This allows me to speak with people behind each company and fully understand their business acumen. I truly value personal contact in business and meeting other entrepreneurs is very important to me.

I write. A lot. I regularly contribute to an award winning Polish weekly MagazynPl, covering legal and social issues, news stories and events. 

If you want to know how translation will benefit YOUR BUSINESS, take a look at www.transliteria.co.uk or contact me on info@transliteria.co.uk