Thursday, 28 June 2012

New website!

It was high time to make some changes into the old website which (let’s be honest) wasn’t anything to be proud of:  simple Wordpress  template, plain background, nothing much going on there. It just needed that oomph to look more professional and elegant.

The .com ending in the domain had to be substituted by to indicate that I am based in the United Kingdom.

I knew that I am not much of a web designer, and that I can be creative when it comes to language rather than graphics. Moreover, when translation projects keep coming in there is never enough time to do anything else. This is why I decided to find a professional for the job. After receiving a few quotes I chose a freelance web designer,  who did a brilliant job. I simply loved his approach: he did not slavishly follow my suggestions just to get it done, but he was coming up with his own ideas, which more often than not turned out to be better solutions.

 And here it is! My new website! Revamped, restructured and rewritten. Another great milestone in my business. The step up has been made, time to prepare for another...

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