Friday, 1 June 2012

Transliteria is on Facebook!

Transliteria is on Facebook! This simply had to happen, after a successful year on Twitter, and about two years of blogging it's time to conquer Facebook and then carry on elsewhere.
Social media are an inevitable part of our lives and businesses for that matter. They indirectly dictate our on-line behaviour and have revolutionised the way we consider the Internet. Social media have also imprinted their mark on business promotion. Now thanks to sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+  and recently Pinterest, marketing has gained a new dimension. Can you imagine a large company not promoting their products or services via social media? Me neither.

Therefore, I decided to extend my marketing to Facebook, where I will be updating you on interesting facts and recent events related to translation, language and Poland. I will be also sharing with you my blog posts as well as some secrets and details of my work.

Feel free to ‘like’ my fanpage and share it with your friends. In exchange, I will do my best to keep it as much interesting and interactive as possible. See you on Facebook!

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