Thursday, 19 May 2011

A Short Survey

Dear Translators! In the name of a very important research, we need you opinion. Together with Silvina (@ATGtranslations), we are going to conduct a thorough research and then write an article about client testimonials.
Why? This was actually triggered by one of many great discussions with our Twitter friends. It turned out that every one of us had a different view on the issue of obtaining and using testimonials. This is why myself and Silvina decided to ask you about your opinion on this very interesting matter; tell us whether you consider it important / giving your business credibility or whether you feel that this is simply bragging.
Please share your views with us and take this very short survey here. Once we have received sufficient number of opinions and done the research, we will share the results with you in our article. So take the survey and stay tuned!

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