Thursday, 16 December 2010

Abroad is already here.

I could go on about globalization and the need for the companies to expand into overseas markets but we all know and hear about this every now and then from the so called 'experts' and 'advisers'. In the recent market downturn it seems inconceivable to conquer foreign markets, so why not look for new customers on a familiar ground?
According to the UK national statistics, there are over half a million Polish-born residents in the UK, and this number increases by thousands each year. 84% of the Polish-born people aged over 16 are employed, which means that they have disposable income to spend on YOUR products and services.
Why not target them and address their needs and expectations?
When it comes to looking for services, the Poles are looking for the familiar and homely (swojski in Polish), and hence they tend to choose a company which provides its services in Polish. Even if they are able to communicate in English, the language barrier is still a considerable obstacle and causes discomfort.
By breaking this barrier and opening up to a new group of reliable customers you leave the competition behind and expand your target market but without the need to send half of your company abroad.
Abroad is already here.

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